Offer in Compromise

Since the first US income tax was imposed by the Revenue Act of 1913, individuals and businesses have been falling behind on their tax payments.  Many clients come to us at some stage in the process of their interactions with Collections at the IRS.  

Knowing what options are possible is perhaps the most important value we can add.  Once we know your situation, both in terms of tax history and your current income and balance sheet, we can work with you to determine the best course of action and help you implement it.

An Offer in Compromise is the tool that commercials often tout to reduce tax debt.  It can be a powerful tool when the law and analysis supports an application and when it’s properly followed up.  We submit these where we think clients are eligible under the law and may benefit mathematically and can advise and execute in situations where an OIC is warranted.  All work relating to OICs must be paid up front and is neither contingent on nor guaranteeing results.