Estates & Trusts

Planning for your family and inheritance is one of the most important and complicated jobs you have.  We can help you formulate a strategy for tax optimization, asset protection, and bequest structuring.  We work closely with the opens in a new windowLaw Offices of David K. Spencer, P.C. in drafting trusts, wills and other formative documents.  Our office then works with income tax filings for trusts and estates, inheritance tax filings (federal, state and international aspects), and accounting and bookkeeping for probate (limited to the State of New York generally).

Personal Wishes

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One of the key aspects of estate & trust work is that it is not only highly technical in regard to the tax and accounting work necessary, but also it involves real people.  The wishes of the grantor or decedent, the financial and personal situation of the beneficiaries.  One point on which we pride ourselves is to not only be technicians in this arena, but also to be attuned to the personal aspects involved.  Our best advice can be to tell you how much of a fiscal impact in taxation an event might have, but point out the change in timing or entitlements of benefit of income or corpus.  This allows you to make an informed decision on the trade offs involved.

A Loved One’s Death

On the death of a loved one, the level of complexities involved in arranging affairs, tracking bills & receipts, ensuring proper steps have been taken with banks, insurance, retirement accounts, phone companies, utility companies, storage units, landlords, and on and on, can be overwhelming.  Our staff is calm and experienced and can take some of the weight of the administrative burden off your hands during what is often a difficult emotional period.

Contested Estates

We do not generally become involved in contested estates or forensic accounting, but can refer you to unaffiliated providers we know who can handle such matters if you are interested.