Tax Planning

At a simple level, tax planning is working to reduce your tax bill to the extent possible under the law, and we certainly know how to do that!

In reality, we find that tax planning is a dynamic process involving both tax and real-world considerations and often the tradeoff between the two.  Changing your behavior to minimize your tax bill can be a good tradeoff or a bad one depending on the facts.  Sometimes a small change can make a big difference to your tax bill (especially if done sooner rather than later!) and sometimes it’s better to live your life without the tax tail driving the economic dog.

Our job is to give you a full array of choices and explain the pros and cons of each, pointing out the unusual or easy-to-miss implications to your life and to your taxes, as well as how decisions play out under different future scenarios.  Too many tax lawyers and CPAs stop at the spreadsheet; real life demands far more.