“Dealing with tax-issues is never fun, but David made the process as painless and straight-forward as possible.”
For making taxes go down with many a spoonful of sugar, he has my most enthusiastic recommendation!

If you’ve already received an assessment on audit and wish to appeal the assessment, we can get involved at that stage to make your case to the appeals office, or through other procedural processes (e.g., CDP requests), and up through Tax Court if necessary.  Some appeals are entirely rules-based, either regulations, the tax code, or internal revenue manual driven, and others involve presentation of facts and documents to appeals officers where information was not regarded at the field level.

Generally we find that the amount of the assessment should be $25k or over for the expense of involving us in an appeal to be worthwhile.  For appeals work, retainers must be paid upfront, and we do not under any circumstances take cases on a commission basis.